Commemoration of World Fair Trade Day Lombok Island, May 12, 2012

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The commemoration of World Fair Trade day this year being held in Lombok Island May 12, 2012 and hosted by Lombok Pottery Centre ( LPC), one of the member of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia (FFTI). The location was in the well known pottery village which called ; Banyumulek, central Lombok. It will take 30 minutes from the Lombok International Airport to Banyumulek.

The event attended by all member of FFTI, the representative of government of Lombok, the head village of Banyumulek; the pottery’s cooperatives which are majority of their member are women and the local media’s.

The opening of the event it was started by the performance of Gendang Belik (traditional dance using two big drum, bamboo flute and other metal music instruments). The performance representing the hero dance of Lombok and expecting that the fair traders wherever that they are blessing by God and keep their spirit and struggle to make a fairer world through fair trade. There were several event such as : children colouring the World Fair Trade logo & pottery competition. It’s around 59 children joining this event. There were five women were presenting their skillful hand in making a fantastic pottery made out of a local red clay. In Lombok island the skill of making pottery dominated by an old women. That the reason why we involve the children in this event we intended to attract the attention of the children and the public to love and to respect this skill which is nowadays getting rare. At that event also people can see the exhibition of fair trade products by our members and the small traders around that village. Lombok has reach potentials on food product, especially on food which came from the Lombok blue ocean.

In the middle of the day we had a panel session among the members of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia. All member explained to the audience  how they are implementing the ten principles of fair trade together with their producers in their own region. Many people interested with this event, and some local traders said that, if the business world in Indonesia can implement fair trade, for sure it will help the small traders to improve their business and Indonesia can be a great country.

In this session also there was a great fair trade testimony by Jose Luis Casuso, a member of Spanish NGO called Gira pornel Desarrolo, involved in Human Rights and fair trade since 2005, and has a shop in North of Spain.  He shared his experience on organic farming and managing the fair trade shop in Spain. He convince the audience that fair trade is very important for the people and planet, in order to save our planet everyone should pay attention to fair trade and act as much as possible to respect the producers and environment. It’s time to build the global solidarity through fair trade movement.

The member of FFTI who attended the commemoration are : Lombok Pottery Centre (the host), Pekerti (Jakarta), Apikri (Yogyakarta), Mitra Bali Fair Trade (Bali), Sahani (Yogyakarta),  Java Ixora (Yogyakarta), XS Project (Jakarta), Arum Dalu Mekar (Bali).  There were two member who were not able to participated: CD Craft (Yogyakarta) and our member from Buton, Sulawesi East Indonesia.

The commemoration of World Fair Trade Day was ended up by making a picture together in the front of a big banner, in Banyumulek. This picture is to convey our message to the world that fair trade is great practices and everyone should aware of it.

VIVA Fair Trade!!!

Forum Fair Trade Indonesia

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