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We have created this section in order for anyone to have access to studies and projects on fair trade. Please, feel free to read and share all this work. If you want to read further documentation on fair trade impact click in the following websites:
BeFair Belgium
Fair Trade Advocacy Office
Fair Trade Institute

Recommended books on and films on fair trade

Studies by subject:

Fair Trade Economic Impact:
Learning from experience. Sustainable economic development in the Pacific. (2010) Oxfam Discussion Paper (
The Economics of Fair Trade – a guide in plain English. (2005) Mark Hayes and Geoff Moore (download)
Fair Trade and Global Justice – The Case of Bananas in St. Vincent. (2007) Posted by Anna Torgerson (download)
Buying Matters – Sourcing fairly from developing countries. (2006) Traidcraft Exchange (download)
Thriving in a Hostile Environment: Fairtrade’s Role as a Positive Market Mechanism for Disadvantaged Producers by Dr. Alex Nicholls (download)
Ecolabelling – as a potential marketing tool for African Products (an overview of opportunities and challenges. UNEP and ECA (download)
Creating market opportunities for small enterprises: experiences of the Fair Trade movement. (download)
Making Global Trade work for people. (download)

Fair trade and gender.


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