Empowering Fair Trade Adoption Through Online Scoring Program

Empowering Fair Trade Adoption Through Online Scoring Program

While fair trade principles provide an ethical and sustainable framework for business practices, the concept of fair trade is still not widely known or adopted in Indonesia. There remains limited awareness and understanding of fair trade standards among Indonesian enterprises. Comprehensive implementation of fair trade practices across diverse organizational functions thus remains challenging. However, a rigorous scoring program can help enterprises thoroughly assess their fair trade practices, identify gaps, and create roadmaps for improvement.

The Forum Fair Trade Indonesia (FFTI), an umbrella organization for fair trade groups across Indonesia, aims to strengthen fair trade by increasing rural incomes through value-added production and greater market access. In collaboration with partners Business & Export Development Organization (BEDO) and International Labour Organization (ILO), FFTI held this full-day interactive workshop on July 6, 2021, for various participants from its diverse member groups.

The online SCORE Fair Trade program held on July 6, 2021, equipped Small and Medium Enterprises with knowledge and tools to thoroughly apply fair trade principles become certified by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), and improve companies’ awareness and implementation of fair trade principles. The interactive virtual training introduced the 10 pillars of fair trade through webinars, presentations, and discussions. Activities included:


  • Virtual baseline assessments through online surveys/forms
  • Online progress monitoring through digital trackers and reports
  • Training webinars introducing practices like responsible recruitment, fair pricing, environmental sustainability, and more
  • Final certification audits conducted online

The SCORE Fair Trade program exemplifies FFTI’s continued efforts to strengthen member capabilities through impactful capacity building. Other recent initiatives include sustainability reporting, self-assessment, and SEO workshops that demonstrate FFTI’s commitment to empowering fair trade enterprises in Indonesia.

By collaborating with organizations like BEDO and ILO, FFTI aims to significantly advance the fair trade movement in Indonesia through skilled capacity-building programs like SCORE Fair Trade. Such workshops showcase FFTI’s continued commitment to strengthening member capabilities for ethical and sustainable trade.

If you are interested in joining our network or learning more about our programs, please contact us at secretary@fairtradeindonesia.com or send us a chat through WhatsApp at + 62 812 2978 8771. We are eager to welcome you to our network!


Written by: Muhammad Sofwan Maulana Shaleh

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