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PARARA, short for panen raya nusantara or “the great harvest of the archipelago” is a movement promoting local products and local community enterprises based on sustainable and fair principles. 

The imperative is to show the greater public, especially the urban folk in the city, the importance, diversity, richness and breadth of sustainable practices and traditional livelihoods that local Indonesian communities have built across the forests, fields and seas of Indonesia over time.

Indonesia is part of the ASEAN Economic Community which seeks a single market and liberalized economy presenting many challenges for small producers.  It could also be a great opportunity, however, to promote communities as wise economic actors. 

The development agenda of Indonesia, and for many ASEAN countries for that matter, is still dominated by the pursuit of economic growth which may run contrast to values of natural resource conservation, cultural identity and the well-being of millions of local and rural communities. 

PARARA seeks to showcase the counter-narrative of this evolving paradigm and demonstrates that alternative greener and fairer economies are possible. Sustainable and fair consumption is also key.

PARARA makes its statement through bi-annual festivals. Over 100 community enterprises have organized, with the efforts of over 30 civil society organizations, four interactive festivals held in the City of Jakarta (2015, 2017, 2019, 2021).  


VISION of the PARARA Consortium

-A Fair Trade Marketing Platform and Movement, recognized in Asia, and having a strong relationship with the Asian and global fair trade movement. 

– A movement that significantly improves the welfare of local community producers.  

-A movement that is able to influence the economy to be more fair, inclusive, and conservation-based

– A movement that strengthens local culture and traditions through product branding 

– A movement that strengthens the capacity of the producer community and strengthens the transfer of knowledge between generations, and provides opportunities for exchange between producer communities 

MISSION of the PARARA Consortium 

-Helps to increase and expand the marketing of fair, sustainable products from the community at national, regional and international levels 

-Introducing and encouraging the fair trade concept movement in Indonesia 

-Influencing Indonesia’s economic practices to be more environmentally, culturally and socially based 

-Increasing the role of women as actors and economic decision makers 


PARARA Indonesian Ethical Store

The initiative has now evolved to launch the PARARA Indonesian Ethical Store (PIES), a restaurant and store featuring healthy, sustainable food offerings from local communities across the archipelago featuring attractive modern and traditional menus. The store is also a marketing platform for local craft and art. 



The PARARA business differentiates itself from others as its owners are from civil society organizations, individual activists as well as farmers, fishers and producer organizations. PARARA as a grass roots movement, seeks to engage the public and urban level consumers seeking healthy but possibly innovative meals, and those that are not harmful to the environment and minimize carbon footprint.

The PARARA Indonesian Ethical Store promotes 4 basic values: 

  • Promoting LOCAL Products – Promoting local products means creating or sustaining jobs at the village level; products that are culture-rooted, and draw from the richness of local ecosystems. Promoting local products promotes local economy and reduces fossil fuels used in the transport of materials.

  • Promoting FAIR Products – Indonesia’s farming, forestry and fisheries industries suffer with migration to big cities because prices to local produce is often low and farmers and fishers and indigenous people have difficulty making ends meet with prevailing prices. PARARA seeks to sustain local livelihoods and traditions by providing fair prices to farmers, fishers and artisans. Prices of end products are also reasonable for consumers. 


  • SUSTAINABLE – Products sold by PARARA partners have declarations of sustainability explaining  how products are harvested and processed so that health and regeneration of natural ecosystems are not harmed and that use of synthetic materials is reduced if not eliminated. 

HEALTHY – Local products do not only help the local economy but consuming them is often healthier for your body.  Local meals made of local millet jawawut and sorghum species for example are rich in fibers and antioxidants. Sago (palm starch) products are also low on the glycemic index and thus good for those suffering from diabetes.  Tasty bamboo shoots often replace meat in various PARARA dishes thus providing an alternative for vegetarians. Herbal drinks such as nutmeg and roselle tea boost immune systems while providing calming and refreshing taste in the “busyness” that is Jakarta.

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