JPKP Buton

Address : Jln. Betoambari, Lorong Hoga No. 89 Kota Baubau, Sulawesi Tenggara
Phone : +62-402-2821697
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Vision :
Realizing marine and coastal natural resources management, that is participative, just community-based and sustainable, in order to increase the people’s prosperity.

Mission :
Encourage and facilitate community empowerment and the management, use and conservation of coastal and marine areas using a community-based approach.
Encourage capacity strengthening in the community and for NGO’s working to support the empowerment of coastal communities.

Activities :
Capacity building
Marine biodiversity and eco-system conservation
Economic development and empowerment
Developing marine commodity cultivation
Food sustainability
Technical assistance
Study, research and surveys

NGO Members of JPKP Buton
Yayasan Buana Hijau
LSM Lintas
LSM Pelintas
Yayasan Rampea
Yayasan Prima
LSM Humaniora

There are two major paradoxes that emerge when coastal regions are discussed: a high level of poverty compared to abundant coastal/marine resources, and secondly, environmental and ecosystem damage that rapidly occurs in the midst of the much-lauded indigenous knowledge. This has taken place in nearly every coastal region in Indonesia, including in Southeast Sulawesi and especially in Buton (geographically and culturally).

The issue of poverty and the issue of environmental damage/decreased quality of natural resources are major problems that don’t have easy solution because the causes and aspects of these issues are multi-dimensional and complicated. As a result of the complicated nature and multiple dimensions of the issues facing coastal areas, many stakeholders need to take a role in overcoming these problems, especially within the poor and marginalized communities (fishermen and cultivators).

This principle formed the basis for the birth of an NGO network known as Jaringan Pengembangan Kawasan Pesisir (JPKP) Buton. This network came to life on the 24th june, 2002 and consisted of 7th NGO’s from Buton : Yayasan Buana Hijau, Lintas, Pelintas, Yayasan PRIMA, Yasnawan, Yamansida, Yayasan Rampea. In October 2004, JPKP Buton decided to acquire legal status and add two more members, ELSAIN (Lembaga Suaka Alam Indonesia) and HUMANIORA.

As often with development of networks, internal change occurred, especially in terms of mechanisms and organizational rules, which were than formalized in a statute, standard operational procedure and other supporting regulation. JPKP Buton, with the resources in possesses, continues to work for positive social change in coastal regions and continues to lear from dynamic and complex social and environmental problems.

Program CREED (Coastal Resources, Environmental and Economic Development). In cooperation with Oxfam GB from October 2002- April 2006. This program focused on economic empowerment and coastal environmental protection in 8th villages in Buton sub-district and Bau Bau municipality. Over three years, this program benefited 823 people (604 men and 219 women) with a total budget of Rp 1.565.707.000,-

Baseline Study : Coastal Resources and Pattern of Use in Lakonea Village, North Buton, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia in cooperation with CBCRM Resource Center Philippines from 1 September 2003 – 28 February 2004 with funding totalling US$ 2,304

Program Driving Change: Strengthening Civil Society Engagement in The Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of Pro-poor Local Policies in Indonesia with Oxfam GB and funding from DfID (February 2006 – March 2008). This program is an advocacy program aimed at encouraging policy change towards a pro-poor perspective with a budget of Rp 1.241.480.000,-

Program Building Opportunity: Strengthening the Capacity of Poor Small Island Communities in Indonesia to Develop Sustainable Livelihoods in cooperation with the European Commission (EC) and Oxfam GB (February 2006 – March 2010). This program focuses on food security issues and incomes of poor communities in small islands in 20 villages in 4 sub-districts/municipalities: Buton (11 locations), Kota Bau-Bau (5 locations), Kab. Bombana (2 locations) dan Kab. Muna (2 locations). The four years program will use Rp 2.457.600.000,- which will be provided by both the EC (74 %) and Oxfam GB (26 %).

Pilot Project Organic Farming Certification in cooperation with the Organic Alliance of Indonesia- the pilot will be implemented in 2007 and will include status assessment for farming organizations in the pilot location (Kec. Batauga & Mawasangka), Internal Control System) training and inspection/ certification

JPKP Buton participates in a number of national-level organizations such as KIARA (Koalisi Ikan untuk Rakyat), FFTI (Forum Fair Trade Indonesia) and Jaringan Aksi Pangan Indonesia (FIAN Indonesia).

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