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Address : Jl. Dhayanapura, Nunas Rejeki Bungalow, No 1. Seminyak 80361, Bali- Indonesia
Phone : +62-361-73 14 14
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Arum Dalu Mekar was founded 1991. We are a small organization, with 4 full time employees. It is more like a family. Our employees, we are proud to say, are very good at many different things, such as quality control, packing, communicating with our producers, etc. Making it possible for them to work independently, without our constant assistance and guidance.

We are working directly out in the field with more than 40 different producer groups of various sizes and in different areas of handicraft production. Different groups have different needs for assistance. We are supporting with design and ideas, technical support, quality control issues, administration and marketing.We have over the years, travelled extensively to many of the Indonesian islands. We have participated in Indonesian traditional handicraft exhibitions in Scandinavia, Germany & France.

We are covering a large spectrum of Indonesian handicrafts such as: ladies accessories, silver jewellery, ikat weaving, batik, fashion, interior decoration products, recycle products and paper, natural fibre products amongst others.

We try to influence improvement of working conditions where so needed and to raise the environmental awareness of the people working in the various producer groups. Sharing the feedback we receive from our clients is a great importance to our producer group. This gives them an indication about the quality level of their production and gives an opportunity to better understand the requirements of our buyers.

By being a member of WFTO (WORLD FAIR TRADE ORGANIZATION, formerly IFAT), we hope to be able to contribute with our knowledge and experience to strengthen the awareness of the importance of Fair Trade in our region and assist to make a fairly traded products more competitive on the mainstream market.

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